What is The Journey?

The Journey is an interactive exploration into the world of vitality, transcendence and powerful joy.


Fill your life with energy and power. Live with a feeling of excitement and enthusiasm. Enhance your capacity to live and develop.


Transcend the vicissitudes of life. Rise above your most difficult challenges. Empower yourself with flexibility and resilience.

Powerful Joy

Tap into the joy inherent in every moment. Learn how to sense it and connect to it. Increase your fulfillment and satisfaction.
Join Rabbi Nivin and a select group of women in this transformative workshop as we delve into our search for the ultimate meaning of life. The Journey is an all-new version of our world famous Personal Development Chaburas. R’ Nivin has woven all the ideas and material added over the years into a new dynamic and fantastic experience.

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Where Are We Going?

Eleven years ago a group of powerful Jewish women leaders got together for an international teleconference to learn the latest in Jewish personal development techniques. Out of that weekly phone call grew a series of Chaburas that has affected thousands of women. Eleven years later many things have changed.
But one thing hasn’t: People are still thirsty for the answers to their quest.
Join us and become a fellow traveler.

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“The Journey” Chabura will explore the journey of the soul as it comes down into the world and dwells within it.

We will explore the different dimensions of the soul being in the world, for example:
*Why the neshama (soul) came down to this world
*Our specific tafkid (task/role) in the world
*Our positive life purpose
*Where character traits fit in
*How the world is wired and how challenges fit in
*The function of family and marriage on this journey
*How to have life balance
*How to be objective

Ultimately we will develop a personalized life-map that each of us will be able to use in our day-to-day life. We will be learning how to stay conscious of and motivated to follow our map and express it throughout the yearly cycle.

Endorsed by: Pittsburger Rebbe of Ashdod, Rabbi Michel Twerski, Rebbetzin Feige Twerski, Rabbi Shlomo Singer and others.

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The Journey Begins…

Tuesday 18 Shevat (Feb. 14th), 9 pm IT / 2 pm ET
First Month: 18 Shevat (Feb. 14th) – 9 Adar (Mar. 7th)

Weekly Live Teleconference
Recordings available by phone or online for all classes
Chavrusa pairing for regular learning
Class notes to review at your convenience

The Journey Chabura will be ongoing, as all R’ Nivin’s Chaburas are. After our initial month of classes, The Journey will continue as we learn more advanced modules.

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The Journey is an Interactive Workshop

Ample time will be devoted to participant questions and workshops. We encourage group exploration and interaction in order to help promote growth. This will not be a lecture style class.

If you are ready to…
*invest in yourself, emotionally and spiritually
*learn the tools you need to boost your growth
*discover real strategies to transcend challenges
*start (or continue) your journey to being the best “you” you can be
…then join us and become a fellow traveler.

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Cost: $55 per month thereafter

The Journey Chabura is ongoing and membership auto-renews monthly. Participants who wish to opt-out just need to let our staff know of their intent to cancel by the 1st of the upcoming month.

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What You'll Gain

The Journey Will Help You:

Gain clarity on who you are and what your purpose is
Develop greater self-esteem and build stronger relationships
Deepen your connection with Hashem
Learn practical tools on how to manage the pressures and responsibilities of life
Explore strategies for better work/life balance, shalom bayis and a smoother childrearing experience
Enjoy the support of a virtual community to grow spiritually and emotionally
Discover how to overcome challenges with greater strength, peace and self-awareness
Start living with more energy and vitality

Join over 4000 people from across Israel, America, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Europe and South America who have already joined the Chabura with transformational results!

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  • Shlomo, Dallas,

    We spend so much time running from one task to another...The Chabura is an amazing way to make sure that we are living according to our true potential. I was looking for a system to take my goals and inspiration from Elul and the Yomim Noraim and keep them alive throughout the entire year. The Chabura gave me those tools.

  • Debra, Michigan,

    As a result of the program, I’m more aware of my goals and have more clarity about how to achieve those goals in my interpersonal relationships ... I 100% recommend it. Rabbi Nivin gets to the essence of who we are and who we can become.

  • Fraidy F, Australia,

    I participated in Rabbi Nivin's chabura for 5 years and gained so much from it. Rabbi Nivin teaches a unique "frequency" of material that I had never been exposed to before. I learned a tremendous amount and grew a lot. So much of my hashkafas and the way I help people in my job have been shaped by Rabbi Nivin's classes. I am tremendously grateful to Rabbi Nivin and I highly recommend his chabura.

  • Suri, New York,

    A few months after joining the Chabura, I experienced a difficult period that could have pulled me into a negative place. I heard Rabbi Nivin’s voice in my head saying, “What’s my next step in Avodas Hashem?” Viewing the situation from that context and using Rabbi Nivin’s tools really helped me pull myself together. Rather than fall apart, I grew from the experience and became a stronger person.

  • Leib, Los Angeles,

    I listen to Rabbi Nivin’s Chabura every week and find it both stimulating and fascinating. It greatly enhances my role as a father, husband and breadwinner. My yearly plan and direction have helped me become much more effective and focused. I highly recommend this to anyone who is a searcher and seeker, who is looking for a way to greatly enhance their lives in all areas.

  • Lara, New Jersey,

    Every one of us has a vision of the kind of Jewish women we would like to be: loving, happy, appreciative, and energetic servants of Hashem. What goes wrong? So often, we know what our ideals are, but we don't know how to change ourselves so we can live our ideals. Rabbi Nivin's Chabura is a crucial tool to achieving the kind of lives we want to lead. It's been a life changer for me.

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