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Elul offers a 29-day window of opportunity for us to make important adjustments in our lives. We can then head into the new year with enthusiasm, self-awareness and commitment. Rabbi Aryeh Nivin has created Torah-based, personal-development programs that he runs as chaburas to thousands of people worldwide. The programs use teleconferencing and webinars.

Now is the time to take advantage of attractive Elul offers on these popular chaburas. Please note that the chaburas run beyond Elul; indeed, they are held throughout the year.

*The $1 promotion does not apply to the Professional Training Track.




Motivated &



The Journey Chabura

Explore your soul’s journey and how to find your unique purpose on Earth. You will learn:

  • Why your soul came into the world
  • How your character traits fit into your life’s journey
  • How the world is wired and the role that challenges play
  • How to map out a concrete plan for your life
  • How to achieve balance in your life

Separate Classes for Men and Women

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The Motivated Marriage Chabura

Just as Elul and Rosh Hashanah call for individuals’ renewal, they also provide a new start for women to work on their marriage.

This chabura will parallel the Journey Chabura curriculum, with a focus on marriage.

It will provide the skills:

  • To work on character traits necessary for your marriage
  • To be empowered within your marriage
  • To maintain the vitality of your marriage
  • To build and maintain the proper energy levels necessary for positive interactions toward your spouse
  • To learn the life skills necessary to transcend most difficulties in your marriage

For Women Only

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The Challenging Marriage Chabura

This chabura is for women who are in difficult or trying marriages. It covers the unique distinctions and insights needed to navigate a challenging marriage.*
This chaburah has helped countless women find new hope with meaningful and profound insights. It will help you to:

  • Learn the Torah’s perspective on how to transcend difficulties
  • Connect with and be supported by other women going through similar difficulties
  • Discover which false beliefs are holding you back from moving forward
  • Experience vitality, transcendence and powerful joy, even during a trying marriage

* This chabura covers marriages with medium to serious complications: communication issues, a dysfunctional husband, a husband with mental illness, differing levels of Yiddishkeit or life goals, not feeling the ability to unify with one’s spouse and more.

For Women Only

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The Yeud* Coach-Training Series

*How to find and integrate your life’s purpose

Rabbi Aryeh Nivin’s research institute, Machon HaAdam HaShalem, will inaugurate this series in Elul. It will provide you with Torah principles to help others discover their true calling. Heading into Rosh Hashanah, you’ll accrue even greater satisfaction in paying it forward – helping your fellow man and woman to improve their own lives.

At the end of the series, participants will get a certificate of completion of this chabura. Students must pass several examinations on the course material.

This weekly chabura runs for 12 consecutive weeks. It will provide you with the skills for helping people to:

  • Identify their life’s purpose
  • Navigate internal conflicts about their life’s direction
  • Identify their central character flaws and learn strategies to transcend them
  • Learn how to achieve balance in life

Separate Classes for Men and Women


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Benefits of Rabbi Aryeh Nivin’s Chaburas

What you will gain from the Chaburas:

  • Clarity about who you are and what your purpose is
  • Greater self-esteem and a renewed ability to build stronger relationships
  • A deepened connection with Hashem
  • Practical tools to manage the pressures and responsibilities in your life
  • Strategies for creating a better work/life balance, shalom bayis and smoother childrearing
  • The support of the chaburas’ virtual community to grow spiritually and emotionally
  • The tools to overcome challenges with greater strength, peace and self-awareness
  • An effective approach for living with more energy and vitality

Engaging Format

These chaburas are not lectures — they’re interactive workshops.

Ample time is devoted to addressing participants’ questions, comments and experiences. We encourage participants’ exploration and interaction.

If you are ready to . . .

  • Invest in yourself emotionally and spiritually
  • Learn the tools you need to boost your growth
  • Discover strategies to transcend challenges
  • Begin (or continue) your journey to becoming the best “you” that you can be

…then join us and become a fellow chabura member.


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