What is the Chabura all about?

The Chabura is a weekly workshop that meets via teleconference. In the weekly classes, participants explore all angles of Jewish Personal Development from a beginner level, progressing to more and more advanced curriculum. The Chabura is divided into different levels, beginning with self-exploration to gain self-knowledge, and continuing with modules that show you how to bring your self-knowledge into actualization.

What will I gain from the Chabura?

The goals of the Chabura are Vitality, Transcendence and Powerful Joy. Vitality – the energy to jump out of bed in the morning, to be a person who looks forward to all aspects of his life and who feels energized throughout the day. Transcendence – the ability to rise above the vissicitudes of life and to channel his life challenges into personal growth. The outcome of Vitality and Transcendence is Powerful Joy, which is self explanatory. Through the Chabura Curriculum (which you can view here) participants will gain tools to achieve these goals.

When is the next new group starting?

Our next group, The Journey Chabura will begin 11 Shevat (Feb. 7th).

How do I participate in the Chabura?

Participants call into a US based conference line – everyone is together in a virtual conference room. The teleconference system currently supports many international dial-in numbers as well as a computer based Flash-Phone for calling into the live call. Recordings can be accessed via international dial-in numbers from the US, Israel, England, South Africa, Australia, and many other countries.

What if I can’t join the live classes?

Recordings are available to listen to, either by phone or through our Online Info Center. Over half of our current participants listen to the weekly recordings and benefit from the classes in a successful and meaningful way by doing so.

How do I sign up?

If you are ready to join the Chabura please Click Here, or contact us as soon as possible to register and secure your spot in the next Chabura. We can be reached by phone @ (US) 646-863-4123, (Israel) 02-580-6406, or by email at NewChabura@gmail.com

What is the cost of the Chabura?

The Chaburas run in quarterly (3-month) sessions. The cost for 3-month session is $165 USD, which is paid in monthly installments of $55.

What is my commitment if I join the Chaburas?

Registration is for a minimum of one 3 month session. Towards the end of each 3 month session email notification will be sent informing participants of the topics to be covered in the upcoming session as well as the registration deadline. Participants have the option to inform us of their desire to cancel participation in future Chabura sessions any time before the registration deadline for the future session. Once a registration deadline has passed and no communication from the participant has been received, the participant is automatically registered for the next session and charged accordingly. Further details can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

What if I miss a class?

Recordings of the classes are available on our Online Info Center (via streaming, not downloading) and via the recording line which currently has dial-in numbers for the US, Israel, England, South Africa, Australia, and many other countries. Please note that sharing of the Chabura access codes, links or log-in information with anyone (including other Chabura participants) is not permitted as stated in our terms and conditions.

How long will I have access to the class recordings?

Phone recordings are hosted by Free Conference Corporation and are therefore subject to the company’s terms and conditions. Currently, Free Conference Corporation hosts phone recordings for up to 6 months from the date of the class. Participants can call in and listen to previous classes as often as they would like. Online Info Center access is available for active Chabura participants. Recordings of previous classes can be accessed online at any time, as long as a participant is active in R’ Nivin’s Chaburas. For a nominal fee, former participants can extend their Info Center access.

Can I download these classes to my computer or mp3 player?

In order to protect the confidentiality of the individuals and the integrity of the Chabura, the classes are not available for download.

What is the Online Info Center?

The Online Info Center is a resource for our active participants where they can login and listen to recordings of current and past Chabura classes, confirm dial-in phone numbers and access codes, view the class schedule, request a chavrusa, view notes on the classes, and see a syllabus of the Chabura curriculum. Former participants can extend their Info Center access for a nominal fee. Please note that sharing of the Chabura access codes, links or login information with anyone (including other Chabura participants) is not permitted as stated in our terms and conditions.

What is the role of ‘chavrusas’ in the workshops?

An important part of the Chabura experience is working together with a chavrusa (study partner). Chavrusas meet for a few minutes at times fitting for both of their schedules. Many of our participants find that their chavrusa becomes a dear friend and key element in their own growth and self development. The chavrusa element enhances the workshop-type experience of the Chabura. Furthermore, one of our goals is to build a community atmosphere between participants – having a chavrusa helps to facilitate this atmosphere.

Do I need a chavrusa to sign up?

No. Although we recommend joining with a chavrusa, we will be happy to try and find a chavrusa that matches your time availability and appears to be a good fit based on our chavrusa questionnaire. If you know someone joining the Chabura that you would like to be chavrusas with, be sure to let us know.

Will I get to ask questions during the Chabura?

In our live groups, Rabbi Nivin takes time to answer questions during each class. If your question was not answered during the class, you can send it via email and either R’ Nivin or his assistant will quickly be in touch with you. Please note: any question you ask during the live call is recorded for the benefit of Chabura participants and may be listened to by ANY current or future Chabura participant, not limited to those in your specific Chabura.

Is there an opportunity to get to know or ‘meet’ other people in the Chabura?

Many Chabura participants have forged life-long friendships through their participation in the Chabura. Communication with other participants is not required, and individuals can choose whether or not to share their contact information with other participants.

What level of knowledge do I need? Do I need textual skills?

Basic Jewish knowledge will help you achieve the maximum desired results from The Chabura. Textual skills are not a prerequisite. You just need to have a desire to learn and grow.

Are notes of the classes available?

Notes for the classes are usually available by email and through our Online Info Center.

Are handouts given at the end of each class?

Handouts are distributed for many of the classes as well as posted to the Online Info Center. Rabbi Nivin will let you know when to expect these handouts in your email inbox.

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