Amy from Virginia, Participant Since 2013
It really enhanced my life as a wife and mother, giving me consciousness and tools to navigate from a Torah perspective. I really like the group closeness and how approachable Rabbi Nivin is. I absolutely recommend it– it’s monumental, really life changing.

Simi Yellen, Worldwide Educator for Raise the Bar Parenting
I’m here to share my experiences being part of Rabbi Nivin’s Chaburas. I had the privilege of being part of his Original Chabura for over 5 years.
For me, personally it was a tremendous growth experience and it helped me in many areas of my Avodas Hashem, on many levels both theoretically and extremely practically as well. The main thing I have gotten out of his class is that he helps you live life consciously-that you are not just going through life with blinders on or in a daze and you wake up and you say, “Oh my gosh! Another year gone by and what has happened…”. If you implement the tools he espouses you are taking stock everyday of where you are in life, how to move forward, asking the question, “What does Hashem want from me right now, how can I grow and what’s my next step in Avodas Hashem?”

Debbie from Los Angeles, Participant Since 2011
I loved the idea of coming up with a personal positive life’s purpose and came up with my one sentence yeud shortly after I started the Chabura. Not even 6 months later, after davening about about my yeud, I became involved with an organization whose mission statement/tagline was almost EXACTLY my yeud. Verbatim – almost every word! I was shocked. It was quite miraculous really. I wanted to thank Rabbi Nivin for giving me the clarity of developing and having a yeud, as well as for so many of his other amazing classes. Rabbi Nivin, with his warmth, wit, gentleness and wisdom, is truly a blessing to us all.

Malka from Israel, Participant Since 2012
For 3 years, the weekly injection of sanity, clarity and Emes has become a cornerstone of my life. I love the zmanim segments, which keep me plugged in. I LOVE the people! At first, to be honest, I was reticent about joining, as I’m wary of quasi-spiritual “gimmicks”… At the recommendation of a person I respect, I jumped on board and have been singing its praises ever since. The community dimension is personal and globally uplifting. My chavrusa is a true “neshoma sister” and even though we’ve only met twice, is a tried and true partner on the Derech Hashem.

Aleeza Ben Shalom, Mentor/Matchmaker and Author of Get Real, Get Married
I still live by your models. My favorite by far is the Chutzpadik Masterminding. It has changed my life. I started with you in 2008 and worked for 2 years. After 2 years my head was exploding with info. I started www.marriagemindedmentor.com and since then 30 couples have gotten married and about 7 are currently engaged. And I’ve earned a part time income while having another 3 children. Pretty remarkable. And it all came from Chutzpadik Mastermining. How to be a mother, work from home, doing what I love and get paid well to do it! Plus my life long dream of writing a book came true too! Get Real Get Married was published last year and has helped many singles to make it to chuppah and change dating habits!
Thank you Rabbi for all you have done, do and continue to do. Your efforts have reached beyond the virtual classroom. I went from changing diapers while listening in, to changing diapers while running my business and home. B”H you helped my dreams to come true.
Much deep gratitude. I wish you much continued success.
Aleeza Ben Shalom
(I was a student in the Women’s 2008 Chabura, I didn’t speak up much, but I learned a lot!)

Shoshy from Monsey, Participant Since 2012
I can say that as a psychotherapist (LCSW) I have integrated many of the ideas presented very successfully. I have used intuitive questioning such as ‘chutzpadik masterminding’ very successfully. People feel empowered to have their own inner wisdom to turn to rather than getting all the answers from an external source. I also feel the general concepts have made the foundation of my therapy very Torahdik and very Emunah oriented. Obviously it impacts my personal life just the same, but it also integrates beautifully into my professional tool box by anchoring the ‘chochmah bagoyim’ on a foundation of Torah principles. As a therapist I help people unclog their emotional blockages so that they are free to connect to Hashem. It therefore behooves me to have proper and true DAAS. Thank you.

Miki from Mexico, Participant 2014-2015
I was in Rabbi Nivin’s Chabura for a whole year and I especially benefited from the idea of making an Elul plan and from the concepts of yeud, areas of life balancing and the yearly direction. All these helped me boost forward my year toward a definite goal and allowed me to live a well-directed year with many more positive results than if I would not have taken the chabura. I also very much enjoyed Rabbi Nivin’s very soft and attentive style in coaching.
Since I took Rabbi Nivin’s Chabura, I make it a point to work on my Elul plan on a yearly basis and I find myself able to utilize my talents and capabilities in a much more effective way, BH.
I also very much appreciated (and continue to appreciate) the responsiveness and pleasant way with which R’ Nivin’s staff has responded to my inquiries – fast and always with a good word.
Thank you so much for everything!

Chana Jenny Weisberg, Participant since 2009, Founder of popular Jewish Mother’s website and blog JewishMom.com
I have been part of Rabbi Aryeh Nivin’s Personal Development Chabura since 2009. I originally joined based on recommendations from some of the moms on my list and looking back, I realize that I have never participated in any class or course that has improved my life as immensely as this Chabura. Highly, highly, highly recommended for every person reading this!

Suri from New York, Participant 2013-2014
A few months after joining the Chabura, I experienced a difficult period that could have really pulled me into a negative place. Compounding the situation was the very personal nature of the issue which made it virtually impossible to discuss with anyone. As I was contemplating my situation, I heard Rabbi Nivin’s voice in my head saying “What’s my next step in Avodas Hashem?” Viewing the situation from that context and using Rabbi Nivin’s tools, particularly the “chutzpadik masterminding” tool, really helped me pull myself together and rather than fall apart, grow from the experience and become a stronger person.

Debra from Michigan, Participant Since 2013
As a result of the program, I’m more aware of my goals and have more tools and clarity about how to achieve those goals with interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships. I love being able to ask questions and I really like the pace. I 100% recommend it. He gets to the essence of who we are and who we can become.

Esther from Los Angeles, Participant of the Original Chabura group, 2006-2010
I was in Rabbi Nivin’s Chabura for over 5 years and his teachings changed my life. The whole idea of Yeud and how to connect to it, is amazing. I always knew that I love kiruv and after learning with Rabbi Nivin, I realized that being involved in kiruv is my Yeud. But I always thought that there’s no way I can do it while my kids are young and I’m so busy with life. After hearing from Rabbi Nivin that I need to get involved in my Yeud, even if only for an hour a week, I listened to him and began teaching kallahs (brides) and eight years later, I’m still doing it!
Another amazing thing that happened was that during the time I was in the Chabura, I was dealing with carpool for one of my kids and it turned into a sticky situation with the other parents. I tried to work it out with everyone and B”H made it work. One of the other mothers approached me in amazement, asking me, “How did you deal with this situation so calmly??” A few years later that same mother started taking Rabbi Nivin’s classes and she came back to me and said “Now I understand how you were so calm, you were learning with Rabbi Nivin all that time…”
I really gained tremendously from these classes and feel I owe so much to Rabbi Nivin for the person I am today.

Rachel from Switzerland, Participant Since 2010
The Chabura has really helped me a lot. I’m a doer – I always need to be doing all the time. I learned from R’ Nivin to let go and let Hashem do his part because He runs the world. In the morning, when I get up, I think about letting Hashem do what is best for me and it helps me relax. I’ve learned to take small steps in Avodas Hashem and to give myself compliments.

Lisa from Passaic, Participant 2010-2013
Since being part of the Chaburas, I have clarity about my purpose and priorities in a way that I never had before. My choices on a day to day basis are influenced by the learning I have done with Rabbi Nivin, from being sure to give a bracha to the baalas simcha at a Kiddush, to how I arrange my weekly schedule. If someone is interested in proactively growing into the best version of themselves, with Hashem’s bracha, I would highly recommend the Chaburas.

Lara from Clifton, Participant Since 2013
Every one of us has a vision of the kind of Jewish women we would like to be: loving, happy, appreciative, and energetic servants of Hashem. What goes wrong? So often, we know what our ideals are, but we don’t know how to change ourselves to live our ideals. Rabbi Nivin’s Chabura is a crucial tool to achieving the kind of lives we want to be leading. Although much of the hashkafa we may have learned in our lives before, Rabbi Nivin has a special talent at bringing it down to a coherent and actionable plan, so that we can live lives (in his words) of “joy and transcendence”. It’s been a life changer for me.

Fraidy from Australia, Participant 2006-2012
I participated in Rabbi Nivin’s Chabura for 5 years and gained so much from it. Rabbi Nivin teaches a unique “frequency” of material that I had never been exposed to before. I learned a tremendous amount and grew a lot. So much of my hashkafas and the way I help people in my job have been shaped by Rabbi Nivin’s classes. I am tremendously grateful to Rabbi Nivin and I highly recommend his Chabura.

TJB from Brooklyn, Participant since 2015
Last year was the first real Elul I ever had. Through Rabbi Nivin’s Chabura I learned so much about my true self. I have finally been able to understand the things that are holding me back from living a life that I love. With the help of my chavruta we have been able to work through the modules and learn how to make them a part of our lives. I am looking forward to this year’s Elul and with Hashem’s help continuing to grow on the path that He has created for me. I would recommend the Chabura to anyone who is really searching for the truth about themselves and life.

Janet from New Rochelle, Participant Since 2010
Being in Rabbi Nivin’s Chabura means the world to me. Listening and using the material is a regular fixture of my week. The Zmanim segments give me clear guidance about how to tap into the spiritual potential of each period of time in our year. What I learn in the modules gives me vitality and helps me make better choices. I love being connected to a community of growth-minded women who want to get close to Hashem.

Leib from Los Angeles, Participant Since 2015
I listen to Rabbi Nivin’s Chabura every week and I find it to be both stimulating and fascinating. It greatly enhances my role as a father, husband and breadwinner. I am much more effective and focused due to my yearly plan and direction. I highly recommend this to anyone who is a searcher and seeker, who is looking for a way to greatly enhance their lives in all areas.

Shlomo from Dallas, Participant 2009-2011
We spend so much time running from one task to another…The Chabura is an amazing way to make sure that we are living according to our true potential. I was looking for a system to take the goals and inspiration that I had during Elul and Yomim Noraim to keep them alive throughout the entire year and build each year off the next. The Chabura gave me those tools.

Yehoshua from Israel/Denver, Participant 2010-2012
Eleven years ago my wife and I moved from Israel to Denver with a goal to return to Israel in five years. Five years in Denver passed quickly, and the goal was simply a desire deep in my heart with no substance to it or plan of action.
Then my wife signed me up for Rabbi Nivin’s Chabura and the goal started to take shape with a financial plan of action and a pilot trip. Almost two years to the day after I started in the Chabura, we made aliyah with our three children and fulfilled an incredible dream.
I owe a tremendous amount gratitude to Rabbi Nivin and his Chabura, my chavruta in the Chabura, and most of all my wife for signing me up for the Chabura.

Eli from New York, Participant 2008-2011
I am still a work in progress, waiting for a breakthrough, but I can really say that I gained true awareness of myself, experience in living in the moment and putting Hashem in the center of my life through the Chaburas.

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