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The Elul 5779 Chabura

Explore your soul’s journey and how to find your unique purpose on Earth. In this Chabura you will learn:

  • Why your soul came into the world
  • How your character traits fit into your life’s journey
  • How the world is wired and the role that challenges play
  • How to map out a concrete plan for your life
  • How to achieve balance in your life
  • The power of the zmanim (yearly time cycles) which will greatly accelerate your growth
  • How to have clarity of life direction
  • How to know what your Tikkun is (the major character issues you need to fix up)
  • How to get rid of confusion that saps your energy and leaves you paralyzed
  • How to improve your marriage and relationships
  • How to remember and actualize your life goals all day long
This program is 6 weeks long. It is rewritten from scratch and integrates the Belief Notebook Approach. The Belief Notebook Approach is a paradigm that allows a person to be aware of his most important beliefs and thoughts. It preempts negativity and gives a person tremendous vitality and joy.

The G-d Connected Family Chabura

“My Judaism felt so stale, I didn’t feel connected to G-d at all, but i didn’t know where to turn. I had read so many books, and listened to classes, but there was a gap between my head and my heart until I starting taking Rabbi Nivin’s teleconference. Now I am experiencing the joy of a relationship with Judaism, and my family is too! I wish I could have done his programs sooner as they really unblocked me.” (M.R)

So many people today are seeking the answer as to how to be more connected to G-d and Judaism. We all hope and pray that our children will truly turn to G-d in their time of need.

In this Chabura, R’ Nivin will give over powerful steps as to how to build a home based on genuine emunah and hashkafah. You will learn practical tools and exercises, along with deep and profound emunah principles. This can bring yourself, and your family the joy that comes along with a genuine G-d connection.

Women's classes

FORMAT: Teleconferencing, with a webinar option

WHEN: Tuesdays, 10am Eastern Time (5pm Israel time), beginning on November 27th

TUITION: $75 per month, for 4 months (Early Bird Special: $55 per month, if registered by Nov. 21st)

LENGTH OF PROGRAM: 4 months – 16 weekly classes

FOR MORE INFO: In the US call or Whatsapp Mrs. Robin Meyerson at 602-469-1606, or in Israel leave a message at 02-580-6406. Contact us by email at newchabura1@gmail.com.

For women only.