About R’ Nivin

Rabbi Nivin is an expert in Jewish Personal Development for today’s day and age. Jewish Personal Development can be defined as working on one’s character traits, learning how to live a happy life, and developing a positive relationship with God. In the Chabura system, the vision we are striving to is to have vitality, transcendence and powerful joy.

Since age 19, he has taught Personal Development curricula based on classical Mussar and Chassidic sources to a wide range of audiences. An entertaining, personable, down-to-earth educator, Rabbi Nivin engages audiences worldwide on Jewish themes, and has been doing so for more than 25 years before many thousands of people.

Rabbi Nivin consistently researches traditional Jewish approaches, in addition to positive psychology, for conveying Personal Development concepts effectively. His dedication to ongoing research as well as his vast knowledge keeps his classes current and dynamic.

Rabbi Nivin recognizes that new realities in the world demand new strategies. That, grounded in traditional sources, helps Rabbi Nivin in guiding people to live meaningful and fulfilling lives.

After moving to Eretz Yisrael in 1979, Rabbi Nivin helped to develop many new and groundbreaking kiruv initiatives. He became a senior lecturer in Aish HaTorah’s Discovery program and was involved in building the kiruv movement of today.

During his 15 years of work at Aish, Rabbi Nivin created a system of Jewish Personal Development, based on his experience in guiding students. In 2007, he left Aish to pursue a career in life coaching. Today, he coaches community Rabbis, front-line kiruv professionals, businesspeople, CEOs, and people from all walks of Jewish life in addition to his work with the Chaburas and the Machon.

About the Chaburas

In early 2006, twenty women educators and outreach workers approached Rabbi Nivin. They asked him to host a weekly conference call in which he would share the Personal Development curriculum that he had spent more than two decades developing. These Chaburas, in the nascent medium of teleconferencing, were so effective and so popular that now — more than a decade later —thousands of participants have been impacted.

The original group spawned many more men’s and women’s Chaburas. The sessions plumb the depths of emotional, intellectual and religious development, with dozens of fascinating topics, including:

  • How to live with Expanded Consciousness
  • Analytic Mind vs. Intuitive Mind
  • How to live a powerfully motivated life
  • How to access Powerful Joy
  • Jewish Humor
  • How to Really Enjoy Your Marriage
  • Living in the Present
  • How to transcend Life Challenges
  • Time Management
  • Self Esteem
  • How to be a Loving EducatorThe entire curriculum, for those who participate on an ongoing basis, spans 5 years of Personal Development Chaburas.

The entire curriculum, for those who participate on an ongoing basis, spans 5 years of Personal Development Chaburas.

About Machon HaAdam HaShalem

The world has witnessed unprecedented technological, political, and societal upheavals since World War II. This new reality has impacted not only the secular world around us, but the Jewish world as a whole. One of the challenges this transformation has created is that traditional techniques of personal growth — which worked in generations gone by — are not necessarily effective in our times.

In 2011, Rabbi Nivin opened Machon HaAdam HaShalem (The Institute for the Complete Person) to research classic Torah sources, and develop cutting-edge avenues to apply them in the modern world. Through the use of positive psychology and modern personal development methodology, the Machon has been able to pioneer effective approaches for today’s generation. These new methods include Rabbi Nivin’s Chaburas and his coaching practice.