R' Aryeh Nivins:
The Elul Bootcamp

Define your life purpose. Devise a yearly plan. Create life-balance.(And ACTUALLY make it happen THIS year!)

​In just 4 consecutive days you’ll get proven tools and systems to plan your year and start creating the change you’ve been waiting for.

To start your year with clarity, confidence, and vitality:

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When the clock strikes Elul...some of you may want to hide.
"I know, I know, Elul's here. But I'm C-R-A-Z-Y B-U-S-Y!"
Elul hits us mid-summer vacation. Getting everyone back-to-school.
And your head is just somewhere else.
So here at R' Nivin's Chaburas, we've created a new type of Elul Program.
Because even the busiest of the busiest...STILL deserve to get the year off to a great start.
With a plan and a direction, and some time for reflection.
READY? Here we go.

In this program you'll learn:


How to Make an Elul Life Plan: What is an Elul Life Plan? What's so special about Elul? How to make a plan, so you are productive and focused. What should it include? How to stick to it?


The 15 Areas of Life Balance: What are the 15 areas of life balance? How can you take care of each area and prevent a life emergency? How can you really be calm with all these areas of responsibility on your shoulders?


How to find your life purpose (Yeud): What is your unique life purpose? How does knowing it, boost your energy and productivity? What exercises can help you find your purpose, and bring it into your life? How does this fit with your purpose as a woman and a Jew?


How to find your Tikkun: We have all been brought to the world to fix something. What is your unique character flaw? Learn practical tools to identify, stay conscious and fix your tikkun.


What's THIS year about? How can you discover what your focus should be for THIS year? What is the unique energy of 5781? How will your year be different when you have a plan?


Right Here Right Now - "Tafkid" in the Moment: How to help yourself identify the unique purpose and message of every given moment. So instead of being paralyzed by confusion, you can face each moment calmly.

Ready for a 4-day do-able way to start the year?

Join the Elul Bootcamp!

As a participant of this program you'll get:

  • - 4 one-hour live interactive classes by phone or webinar, where you can ask your questions, process the concepts, and participate in live workshops.

  • - Recordings of each class available to listen at your convenience.

  • - Step-by-step strategies and exercises to create real tangible changes.

  • - Practical tools, insight and wisdom, from Rabbi Nivin's 30 years of experience in personal development and coaching.

  • - A learning partner to keep you on track and practice the exercises and tools.

  • - A few minutes of homework to do each day.

Program runs: Monday, September 14th - Thursday, September 17th
Live Class time: 10 am EST/ 5 pm IST 
Program Length: 4 one-hour live classes WITH RECORDINGS

Price: $99

About Aryeh Nivin

Rabbi Aryeh Nivin is the founder and director of R’ Aryeh Nivin’s Chaburas and the research institute Machon HaAdam Hashalem.
He takes Classic Torah Wisdom and translates it into practical and powerful tools to improve wellbeing and vitality for his students and clients.
Every week he reaches hundreds of individuals throughout the world, in both his private practice and hosting his 12-15 weekly teleconferences.
With his down-to earth manner, humor and deep insights, Rabbi Nivin has spent 30 years transforming thousands of lives, helping individuals to live a life they really love.