The Empowered Parent 

Coach Training* Program

What if you could ?

- Embrace parenting challenges with vitality. 
- Feel deep satisfaction and meaning in raising your kids.
- Confidently guide your children along their individual path.
- Even when parenting isn't quite how you imagined.

This 16 Week Program is for:

Parents, community leaders, and coaches, who want fundamental mindsets and tools to help themselves and others become empowered parents.

Confidently guide your children OF ALL AGES along their individual path.

*Certification available upon completing short written tests.

For registration and payment plans click here or call/text/whatsapp Robin Meyerson at 602-469-1606

When does it start?

Women’s program: Starts Thursday, February 11th - 2 EST / 9 PM IST

Men’s Program: 1-hour weekly recording. PLUS live half-hour weekly Q&A teleconference 

Program Length: 16 one-hour classes.

Price: Contact us at for pricing details

In This Program You'll Get:

Guided homework exercises to use throughout the week.

Step-by-step strategies and exercises to create real tangible changes.

A learning partner to keep you on track and practice the exercises and tools.

A Personal Program Liaison to answer questions and help you keep on top of the material.

"Rabbi Nivin has a special talent at bringing down a coherent and actionable plan, so that we can live lives (in his words) of 'joy' and 'transcendence.' It's been a life-changer for me." - Anonymous 

In this program we'll explore:

The Jewish approach to parenting and how this clarity totally shifts your day-to-day interactions with your children.

How to help your child find their unique path and life purpose.

How to navigate complicated children and stay supportive and accepting, even if society is NOT.

How to make sense of your feelings, disappointment, and frustration when parenting isn't what you expected.

How to stay in your own parenting lane and let go of jealousy and comparison.

How to nurture your gifted child and develop their unique potential.

How to shift out of despair and negativity and find hope and positivity even when your child is struggling.

How NOT to care what other people think of your "out-the-box" child.

How to navigate parenting conflicts together with your spouse when they come up.

How to become the compassionate parent your child needs.


Is this a "regular" parenting class?

Is this for children with SERIOUS issues?

I see this is a coach training program, what does that mean?

I have young children, is this for me?

My kids are grown and out of the house. Is this program for me?

I still have questions, who can I speak to?

About R' Aryeh Nivin

Rabbi Aryeh Nivin is the founder and director of R’ Aryeh Nivin’s Chaburas and the research institute Machon HaAdam Hashalem.

He takes Classic Torah Wisdom and translates it into practical and powerful tools to improve wellbeing and vitality for his students and clients.

Every week he reaches hundreds of individuals throughout the world, in both his private practice and hosting his 12-15 weekly teleconferences.

With his down-to earth manner, humor and deep insights, Rabbi Nivin has spent 30 years transforming thousands of lives, helping individuals to live a life they really love.

Rabbi Nivin has been featured in:


I’ve heard wonderful feedback from people and wish you continued hatzlacha.

Rabbi Zelig Pliskin  // Author of “Life is Now”, “Building Your Self Image”, “Anger the Inner Teacher”, “Conversations with Yourself”, “Harmony with Others” and more. 

I’ve known Rabbi Aryeh Nivin for many, many years and he gives excellent Shiurim. I have people in my Yeshiva and community that just rave about him and he changes their lives, literally.

I highly, highly recommend anyone, anyone that is able to be, be part of his program. They are going to be very, very happy and successful.

Rabbi Shlomo Singer  // Rosh HaYeshiva of the Passaic Torah Institute and Head of the New Jersey branch of Neve Yerushalayim

“You do wonderful things!” 

“You should have great hatzlacha.”

“You can put my haskama on your billboard.”

Rabbi Michel Twerski // Congregation Beth Jehudah of Milwaukee 

The following is an oral Haskama from the Pittsburgher Rebbe of Ashdod OB"M

It says “Lev tahor bera li Elokim, v’ruach nachon chadesh b’kirbi” (“A pure heart create for me Hashem and a pure spirit renew in me.”) Every Yid is always looking to connect in a way that he should be able to make his Guf, his mind, ideas and his whole self, be happy and agreeable with his Neshama. And that means that his Gashmiyusdika life and his Ruchniyusdika life should be in line with each other. Sometimes a person needs guidance in order to achieve this. And sometimes in life even if we know about Torah and Mitzvos and we know about what is right and wrong, we tend to get mixed up and not realize who we are. And sometimes this gets in the way of getting close to Hakadosh Baruch Hu.

I know Rabbi Nivin for quite a few years and I know Baruch Hashem of his great work. And I’ve heard from many people that feel very much that they are constantly gaining in achieving this most important goal of life.

So I advise anybody that is looking and feels that he needs to grow in this area that he will gain by being part of Rabbi Nivin’s shiurim.

Hashem should give you Hatzlacha and Nachas all the time.

// Rabbi Mordechi Yisachar Ber Leifer OB"M, Kiryat Pittsburgh

“I’m happy to give my haskama, from the experience I’ve had from the people who have taken your course. It’s made such a huge difference, and the proof is in the cake, and we have wonderful cakes here [in our community]”

“I think it is just wonderful what you are doing.”

“I would recommend the course to anyone growth orientated and who is interested in their personal growth and the growth of their relationships.”

“You should have continued hatzlacha and be the right shliach for people.”

Rebbetzin Feige Twerski // Congregation Beth Jehudah of Milwaukee 

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