The Jewish Mindset for Success

Coach Training Program

Walk through life with resilience and strength, no matter what comes your way, and help others do the same. 

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You know that if you shift your mindset - you'll also shift how you experience any situation.

You wish you knew how to...

  • Maintain clarity an​d perspective, even when it's "one of those ​days"
  • Have STRENGTH and HOPE through the tough times
  • Reset yo​ur negative mindset and thrive through life's ups and downs

And what if you could help others do the same?


The Jewish Mindset for Success

Coach Training Program*

Learn practical ways to let go of negative and limiting beliefs and keep empowering principles at the center of your mind, so you embrace life's ups and downs with clarity and confidence

R' Nivin will teach you 8 fundamental principles and practical methods that he uses with his life-coaching clients. Not only will you KNOW the principles for success, but using the profound Sefer Cheshbon HaNefesh Method,you'll learn to really LIVE these principles every day - and teach others too.

In This Program You'll Get:

Guided homework exercises to use throughout the week.

Step-by-step strategies and exercises to create real tangible changes.

A learning partner to keep you on track and practice the exercises and tools.

A Personal Program Liaison to answer questions and help you keep on top of the material.

or call/whatsapp (US): 602-469-1606

When does it start?

Women’s program: Starts Thursday, July 16th - 2 ET / 9PM IT

Men’s Program:  Pre-recorded classes with live weekly teleconference meetings
Program Length: 16 weekly one-hour live classes

Early Bird Deadline: Sunday, July 5th

Email: newchabura@gmail.com

"I experienced a difficult period that could have pulled me into a negative place. I heard Rabbi Nivin's voice in my head, and using his tools really helped me pull myself together rather than fall apart. I grew from the experience and became a stronger person." Suri, New York

​How is the program structured?

There are 3 crucial components to this program, that create a unique growth experience, so you can help yourself and others shift into a success mindset and leave behind dis-empowering thinking.

There are over 115 modules in R'Nivin's Chabura system. R' Nivin has hand-picked 8 specific paradigms that are the backbone of a success mindset, so you stay resilient, strong and energized, whatever comes your way.

It's not enough to KNOW these paradigms. To really feel empowered, we need to keep them at the center of our mind all the time.
 The Sefer Cheshbon HaNefesh Method, is a simple step-by-step framework recommended by the Mussar Giants of the time. By following the guidelines, these empowering principles become an intrinsic part of the way you view the world. You'll then be able to use this method to help other people.

This program isn't just for your own personal growth, it's also for teachers, coaches, therapists and community leaders. At the end of each paradigm, R' Nivin will teach you how to effectively convey these principles in a coaching setting. Through R' Nivin's guidance, you'll learn how to integrate these principles into your life, and into the lives of those who need your help. 

So, what are these 8 principles that'll we'll be learning?      Click Here

About R' Aryeh Nivin

Rabbi Nivin is an expert in Jewish Personal Development for today’s day and age. Jewish Personal Development can be defined as working on one’s character traits, learning how to live a happy life, and developing a positive relationship with God. In the Chabura system, the vision we are striving to is to have vitality, transcendence and powerful joy.

Since age 19, he has taught Personal Development curricula based on classical Mussar and Chassidic sources to a wide range of audiences. An entertaining, personable, down-to-earth educator, Rabbi Nivin engages audiences worldwide on Jewish themes, and has been doing so for more than 25 years before many thousands of people.

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