Everyday Eternity: 

Powerful mindsets to transcend the ins-and-outs of daily life

In this series, you’ll discover how to use the power of your mind to:

  • Connect to the concept of eternity
  • Find pleasure in any mundane activity
  • Engage fully in the present moment - and enjoy it
  • Access powerful joy on the most ordinary of days
  • Focus on your true life's journey and find meaning in all you do

In this Program You'll  Learn:

How to bring pleasure and elevated meaning into each moment.

How to have higher consciousness in any situation.

How to experience bits of Gan Eden in your daily life.

How to fully engage in the present moment and rise above it all.

How to create an “alternate reality” for yourself.

How to maintain clarity on your life’s journey.

How to develop “Afterlife Consciousness.”

How to practically use the above concepts on a day-to-day basis.

As a participant of this program you'll get:

Live Interactive Classes

  • 16  live interactive classes by phone or webinar, where you can ask your questions, process the concepts, and participate in live workshops.

Recordings and Notes

  • Recordings and detailed notes of each class, will be available to listen or review the material at your convenience

Program Liaison and Learning Partner

  • A Personal Program Liaison to discuss and process the material,  so it really comes to life.

Practical Tools

  • Practical tools, insight and wisdom, from Rabbi Nivin's 30 years of experience in personal development and coaching. 

Guided Home Work

A few minutes of step-by-step strategies and guided exercises to create real tangible changes.

“I highly recommend.”

"I’ve been involved with Rabbi Nivin’s teachings and programs since 2013 and not only has it enriched my personal family and business life, but my spiritual connections have deepened too. I highly recommend Rabbi Nivin’s programs to men and women who want practical tools for Jewish Personal Development."

-Yaakov Goldman, CEO of Brandlauncher, Inc.

Got more questions? Here are your FAQs answered:

- I struggle to stay on top of the courses I buy. How will you help me keep on track?

Each participant can have a learning partner, practical exercises and tools, as well as a personal "Program Liaison." After running many programs over the years, we've seen that these components really help our students stay focused and moving forward. 

- I won't be able to make the live classes. Will I still get a lot out of it?

Recordings will be available via phone and internet for anyone who is unable to attend the live classes. We also send out detailed, transcribed notes every week. On top of that, the exercises, homework AND program liaison will keep you on track. 

- I still have more questions. Can I talk this through with someone?

Sure, please reach out to our staff.
Phone/Text/WhatsApp: Mrs. Robin Meyerson at 602-469-1606 (US) 
Email: newchabura@gmail.com if you have further questions.

Who is R' Aryeh Nivin?

Rabbi Aryeh Nivin is the founder and director of R’ Aryeh Nivin’s Chaburas and the research institute Machon HaAdam Hashalem.

He takes Classic Torah Wisdom and translates it into practical and powerful tools to improve wellbeing and vitality for his students and clients.

Every week he reaches hundreds of individuals throughout the world, in both his private practice and hosting his 12-15 weekly teleconferences.

With his down-to earth manner, humor and deep insights, Rabbi Nivin has spent 30 years transforming thousands of lives, helping individuals to live a life they really love.


I’ve heard wonderful feedback from people and wish you continued hatzlacha.

Rabbi Zelig Pliskin 

Author of “Life is Now”, “Building Your Self Image”, “Anger the Inner Teacher”, “Conversations with Yourself”, “Harmony with Others” and more.


I’ve known Rabbi Aryeh Nivin for many, many years and he gives excellent Shiurim. I have people in my Yeshiva and community that just rave about him and he changes their lives, literally.

I highly, highly recommend anyone, anyone that is able to be, be part of his program. They are going to be very, very happy and successful.

Rabbi Shlomo Singer
Rosh HaYeshiva of the Passaic Torah Institute and Head of the New Jersey branch of Neve Yerushalayim


“You do wonderful things!”
“You should have great hatzlacha.”
“You can put my haskama on your billboard.”

Rabbi Michel Twerski
of Congregation Beth Jehudah of Milwaukee