What would your life would be

like if you broke free from

what's holding you back?

Customized + powerful 1-on-1 self-development programs. 

Resolve what's blocking you from getting ahead and

unlock the greatness within you.



If only I could ____________.

I can't seem to stop __________.

I wish _________ would be different for me.

Everyone fills in the blanks differently. What goes in yours?
You've grappled with it a long time. Perhaps even your whole life. You've tried to get rid of it. Attack it with logic. Talk nicely to it. Quit cold turkey. Do a 180.
Again and again. And again.
You know that if you could just figure this out, your life would be transformed.
But nothing seems to work.
You may think you're a failure. That you're not trying hard enough. That you'll never break through to the other side.

One thing's for sure:

Living with it isn't working. It's time to try living without it.

Rabbi Nivin By the Numbers


Years in Jewish personal development


Hours transforming lives through 1-on-1 coaching


Lives improved through coaching or workshops

Transformation isn't easy. But it can be simple.

Here's what happens when you work with Rabbi Nivin:

Step 1

Meet with Rabbi Nivin for an in-depth kickoff session. He will ask questions and dig deep, examining the matter from all angles. You'll be heard and understood.

Step 2

Rabbi Nivin builds a fully-customized program specially for you — designed to help you break free from what's holding you back. Once and for all.

Step 3

This is where the transformation happens. Meet with Rabbi Nivin for ten powerful sessions* and go through your customized program. It's you, upgraded.

*Upgraded options available, including more sessions, marathon sessions, and more!

Contact us for more details.

What Others Say



"I had the privilege of being part of [Rabbi Nivin's] Original Chabura for over 5 years. For me, personally, it was a tremendous growth experience and it helped me in many areas of my Avodas Hashem, on many levels both theoretically and extremely practically as well...It helps you live life consciously, so that you are not just going through life with blinders on or in a daze and you wake up and you say, “Oh my gosh! Another year gone by and what has happened…” If you implement Rabbi Nivin’s tools, you take stock everyday of where you are in life and how to move forward, asking the question, 'What does Hashem want from me right now, how can I grow and what’s my next step in Avodas Hashem?'"



"Thank you Rabbi for all you have done, do and continue to do. Your efforts have reached beyond the virtual classroom. I went from changing diapers while listening in [to the online learning group], to changing diapers while running my business and home. B”H you helped my dreams to come true. Much deep gratitude. I wish you much continued success."



For 3 years, the weekly injection of sanity, clarity and Emes has become a cornerstone of my life. At first, to be honest, I was reticent about joining, as I’m wary of quasi-spiritual “gimmicks”… At the recommendation of a person I respect, I jumped on board and have been singing its praises ever since."

You have one life.

What would you change to make it better?

Life Purpose

Get a deep understanding of who you are, who you want to be, and how to get there.

  • Identify your Tikkun
  • Determine which of your character traits to work on, and learn how
  • Create personal missions across all aspects of your life — as a parent, as a spouse, and as a Jew.


Begin to believe in your intrinsic goodness, and stop judging yourself so harshly.

  • Recognize your intrinsic value 
  • Stop defining yourself by your faults and deficiencies
  • Offer yourself grace when you make mistakes and ultimately learn to forgive yourself

Anxiety + Overwhelm

Quiet your mind and free yourself from unnecessary worry and stress.

  • Identify the root of your anxiety and learn practical tools to release it
  • Learn to slow down in a sped-up world
  • Dissolve anxiety about the past and future and learn to find peace in the presentrs experience

Marriage + Relationships

Learn the art of emotional intimacy and experience powerful, deep connection.

  • Explore your personal expectations of the relationship and how they affect you
  • Upgrade how you communicate for maximum effectiveness
  • Process past hurt and resentment and make space to closeness

Life Challenges

Don't just learn to cope. Learn how to overpower and truly transcend the challenges life throws at you.

  • Explore the concept of Tikkun and how it can impact your view of hardship
  • Discover powerful principles that will alter how you relate to challenges, suffering, and tragedy
  • Learn how to stop comparing yourself to others and focus on being kind to yourself

Productivity + Time Management

Bring your lofty goals down to the real world and give them a chance to take root.

  • Follow insightful "rules" that will make you ten times more productive
  • Plan your days with a method that prevents stress and tension
  • Learn to save hours in your week by investing just minutes a day

Getting "Unstuck" and Creating a Life you Love

Tried and tried, to no avail? Take any goal — even a large, scary one — and learn proven methods to unlock it.

  • Discover tools to make each hour an hour you enjoy
  • learn to track your enjoyment life with charting system
  • what do I do if I'm stuck? 

Something else on your mind?

A customized program can also be built for you. Click here to let us know what you have in mind.

Who is Rabbi Aryeh Nivin?

Rabbi Aryeh Nivin is the founder and director of R’ Aryeh Nivin’s Chaburas and the research institute Machon HaAdam Hashalem.

He takes Classic Torah Wisdom and translates it into practical and powerful tools to improve wellbeing and vitality for his students and clients.

Every week he reaches hundreds of individuals throughout the world, in both his private practice and hosting his five weekly teleconferences.

With his down-to earth manner, humor and deep insights, Rabbi Nivin has spent 30 years transforming thousands of lives, helping individuals to live a life they really love.

You always thought there had to be a better way.

And there is.

  • Beat your head against the wall, struggling with the same issue over and over again
  • Doubt yourself and worry you'll never be able to get it right
  • Live a life of dissatisfaction, when you know you're capable of so much more
  • Take gradual, doable steps toward real change and a better you
  • Believe in your abilities and use them to unlock your potential
  • Live life with conscious enjoyment, squeezing the most out of every moment

Frequent Asked Questions

What will my customized program include?

Here's what you get when you sign up:

● An initial kickoff session in which you speak with Rabbi Nivin about what's holding you back in life

● A personal progress map which lists all you will learn do in order to move forward

● A fully-customized curriculum comprised of powerful modules that have helped countless others achieve their goals. You and Rabbi Nivin will go through this curriculum during your sessions together.

● Daily accountability with Rabbi Nivin via WhatsApp

How is this different from therapy?

If you want to learn tennis, you go to a tennis coach to gain the skills and techniques you need to get better at the sport.

With you work with Rabbi Nivin on self-development, it's the same principle. There's no dabbling in the theoretical–it's learning invaluable skills and techniques for improving your life. Revisiting the past is not the primary focus–it's all about moving forward toward a better future.

I've tried so many things and none of them worked. Why is this different?

Usually, failure can be attributed to one of two things:

1. There's something wrong with the method.

You could have all the motivation in the world, but if something is fundamentally wrong with how you're approaching the issue, it will be hard to succeed. Rabbi Nivin's teachings have been a proven track-record of helping people change their lives for the better, and they can help you do the same.

2. There's no accountability.

Achieving your goals is difficult without someone there to keep you on track. Rabbi Nivin is available daily via WhatsApp to guide, support, and encourage you as you implement what you learn–so you're not alone on your journey.

I have a different question. Can I speak to someone?

Absolutely! Please reach out to Mrs. Robin Meyerson at 602-469-1606 (US).

Or send an email to chaburapa@gmail.com.

Doors only open a few times a year.

New clients come on board every 3-4 months, and spots are limited so that

everyone receives the time and attention they deserve.


You missed out!

Doors close: April 7, 2022

Future You is calling.

✔ Fully-customized program ✔ Ten 1-on-1 sessions ✔ Daily accountability via WhatsApp

Tackle your challenges, unlock your goals, and create your happiness.

Once and for all.

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What Others Say


Rabbi Nivin, with his warmth, wit, gentleness and wisdom, is truly a blessing to us all.

Debbie (Los Angeles)Anna Olson 

 / Chabura Participant since 2011


"Every one of us has a vision of the kind of Jewish woman we would like to be: loving, happy, appreciative, and energetic servants of Hashem. What goes wrong? So often, we know what our ideals are, but we don't know how to change ourselves so we can live our ideals. Rabbi Nivin's chabura is a crucial tool for achieving the kind of lives we want to lead. It's been a life-changer for me."

Lara (New Jersey)Emma Stewart 


"As a result of the program, I’m more aware of my goals and have more clarity about how to achieve those goals in my interpersonal relationships... I 100% recommend it. Rabbi Nivin gets to the essence of who we are and who we can become."

Debra (Michigan)

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