Belief Notebook B’Iyun


Most of us are looking and searching for the answers to our personal development issues. We try out this approach and that approach, and we search and hunt for the key to our liberation.

What most of us don’t realize however, is that we have already heard the different answers in our previous explorations. The problem is we never acted on them and we forgot them, and therefore missed many opportunities for a breakthrough.

What would have happened if when we heard these groundbreaking concepts we would have immediately written them down, and reminded ourselves of them in a consistent and persistent way? Wouldn’t that have been a life changing experience?

Many of us already have the answers. We just don’t have a systematic way of reflecting on them, and reviewing them consistently. Therefore, many of our insights go to waste.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a way to systematically catalog, review and reflect on our core beliefs every day? Wouldn’t it be great for us to catch life changing insights in real time and learn how to live with them in the fullest way?

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