Connected Marriage Training Program


In this new 16-class series, you’ll learn how to use practical paradigms and tools, including “Rabbi Nivin’s 4-Step Paradising Marriage Method”, so you can help yourself and others experience deep emotional intimacy in marriage. 
  • Replace resentment and blame with closeness and connection.
  • Build trust and understanding even if there are conflicts.
  • Create oneness and unity despite your differences.

Not only will you KNOW how to create emotional intimacy, but with guided questions, exercises, and personal support, you’ll apply these principles to your marriage every single day. 

*Certification available upon completing short written tests.

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In this program you’ll explore:

  • What is the key to Jewish Emotional Intimacy?
  • What it means to “live in the past” and how this affects your emotional intimacy.
  • How to process years of hurt and resentment to make space for closeness and connection.
  • How to avoid blow-ups by understanding the “Male and Female ego”
  • How to become a “deep listener” and what happens when you do.
  • What is the real concept of a soul-mate?
  • What expectations do you have of marriage, and how are they impacting your relationship?
  • How to identify and create “magical moments” for connection and communication.
  • How to communicate effectively in a way that creates unity, not tension.
  • How to break out of western illusions of romance, and discover the true meaning of love.

As a participant of this program you’ll get:

  • 16 classes (+Special Bonus Class!) to listen at your convenience.
  • Step-by-step strategies and exercises to create real tangible changes.
  • Practical tools, insight and wisdom, from Rabbi Nivin’s 30 years of experience in personal development and coaching.
  • Certification if you choose to complete short written tests.
  • A few minutes of homework to do each day.