How to Paradise Your Pesach


In these recordings you will learn:

  • How do I have simcha and joy during the entire Pesach holiday period?
  • What time management techniques do I need to know during the pre-Pesach period?
  • Are there practical strategies for organizing the home during Pesach?
  • How do I stay plugged into G-d while I am doing all this hard work?
  • How can I as a woman help create a more successful Pesach seder?
  • What are the Freedom Principles I want to keep in mind?
  • What is the inner symbolism of the Pesach time period?
  • How do I get my family, children, and spouse excited about Pesach?
  • How do I deal with complicated and difficult children or relatives?
  • What mussar and hashkafa should I be thinking about when I’m cleaning?
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