Maximizing Marriage in Lockdown


  • Each Sunday you’ll get a 20-minute recording: “Paradigms Shifts for Marriages in Lock-down”
  • Each Monday you’ll get a 20-minute recording: “Practical Tools for Marriages in Lock-down” 
  • Each Thursday at 1:30 PM ET/  8.30 IT,  you’ll get a LIVE interactive Q&A Processing Workshop* (WOMEN) 
  • Men’s workshops will be Sunday’s, time to be announced subject to participation

The current crisis gives us a chance to really maximize our marriage. Get support, insights and tools to improve your communication and connection, shift negativity in your relationship and take steps to improve emotional intimacy – even with this current challenging crisis.

In this program we’ll explore:

  • What insights have I gathered about my marriage from this unique time?
  • How can I create new opportunities closeness and emotional intimacy?
  • What if I get stuck in negative interactions?
  • How not to spiral into negativity, despite the tension and pressures?
  • How can I communicate effectively during stressful times?
  • What happens when I’m exhausted and negative?
  • How can I use gratitude to nurture closes and connection?