New World, New YOU


  •  Each Sunday you’ll get a 20-minute recording “Paradigms Shifts for this New and Challenging Reality”
  •  Each Monday you’ll get a 20-minute recording “Practical Tools for Reflection and Clarity”
  • Each Thursday at 2:30 PM ET/10.30 IST, LIVE interactive Q&A Processing Workshop with R’ Aryeh Nivin* (WOMEN) 
  • Men’s workshops will be on Sunday’s, time to be announced subject to participation

Has this corona crisis made you reflect on your life’s direction? Get clarity and guidance with this in-depth practical program. Use this time to listen to your authentic self, realign with your truest values, and get on track with your unique life-path and purpose.

In this program we’ll explore:

  • What has the corona crisis, showed me about my life direction and life purpose?
  • Are there specific areas in life that I need to change, but I’ve been too busy to notice?
  • What have I learned about my role as a mother/father, wife/husband?
  • Do I have life balance?
  • Does my daily schedule reflect my deepest values?
  • How can I move forward in my Avodas Hashem?
  • What have I discovered about my relationships?