Productivity and Life Balance Training Program


In this 16-class series, you will learn insights, strategies and systems…
So you can help yourself, family, and friends, maximize your time, reach your goals, and still remain calm and focused.

This program is for you if…
  • You are looking for new ways to make your own life calmer and more productive.
  • You want to know how to help your family and friends get off the rat race and slow down.
  • You are in the helping profession and want more tools to help your clients or students accomplish their goals, boost productivity, and maintain calm and equilibrium.
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In this program, we will learn the following topics:

  • The 14 Areas of Life Balance: What are the 14 areas of life balance? How can you take care of each area and prevent a life emergency? How can you really be calm with all these areas of responsibility on your shoulders?
  • How to Live in Time and Space: Do you keep taking on more than you can handle? How can you learn to gauge and plan your time realistically, so you can reach your goals and stop being disappointed at your performance.
  • How to Live in The World of Priorities: How can you choose between all these urgent and important tasks? Can you shrink your to-do list – without your whole life falling apart? Learn how prioritizing can bring clarity and focus to your busy day.
  • How to Slow Down to the Speed of Life: How can you find calm and stillness in this sped up generation? What is the right speed for YOU? How can you slow down but still get to where you want to go?
  • How to Live in the Present: How to make calm mindful choices even when you feel pulled in too many directions.
  • Life Purpose and Tikkun – How does understanding your life purpose bring you more energy and clarity? Will it help you spend your time more purposefully and productively?
  • The Secret to Measuring Success? How does having criteria and practical measurable results (PMRs) help reduce expectations and allow you to celebrate tangible daily progress? How does this boost self-esteem and overall happiness?