Referral Gift Terms and Conditions

The referral gift will be given according to the following criteria:

You receive a $25 referral gift (full referral) for each new paid participant who mentions you as their exclusive referrer. When a new paid participant mentions more than one referral source, the referral gift is split between all referral sources (partial referral). Partial referrals can be combined.

there are also bonus gifts you can receive as follows:

  • Refer 3 friends and receive either 1 hour of Coaching with R’ Nivin or a free 12 Class Chabura Session (a $150 value in place of the otherwise $75 gift)
  • Refer 6 friends and receive either 3 Hours of Coaching with R’ Nivin or 1 Year’s Worth of Free Chaburas (4 sessions) (a $600 value in place of the otherwise $150 gift)
  • Refer 10 friends and receive a personalized Chabura on any module of your choosing (up to 4 classes) (unlimited value in place of the otherwise $250 gift)

Only active Chabura participants are eligible to receive referral gifts.

An email will be sent out to each referrer after registration for each series has been processed, listing how many new participants indicated them as their referrer and the total amount of the gift they are eligible to receive.

Only referrers who have participated in at least one 3-month session or three one month sessions are eligible for the referral gifts.

Any referrer who believes they should have been indicated as the referrer for a higher number of participants than the number listed in the email they received will have 2 weeks from the date the email was sent to contact our staff at to state their claim. Any claims made after the 2 week deadline will unfortunately not be able to be processed.

The final gift amount for each referrer will be fixed within 4 weeks of the initial email to referrers. Payments will be sent by the 6th week.

Payment of referral gifts will be made through one of the following options:

  • Credit towards future Chabura registration fees, module purchases or Coaching sessions
  • Crediting a MasterCard or American Express card
  • PayPal

We will not be able to issue checks or any other form of payment to referrers. If there is no response from the referrer as to gift payment preference by the deadline stated in the email, we will assume the referrer wants Chabura credit as their referral gift.

Referral gifts only apply when the person referred is a new participant who joins three one month sessions of the Journey Chabura, Motivated Marriage Chabura and The Challenging Marriages Chabura (or a full paid sign up for the Yeud Training Chabura).  Referral gifts will not be given if the person referred is an active or former participant of R’ Nivin’s Chaburas, or if the person referred does not complete payment for the first three 1 month sessions.

All terms and conditions for the referral gift are also subject to our general terms and conditions. Any referral which is in breach of any of these terms and conditions or of our general terms and conditions will not be eligible for the referral gift.

Thank you for taking the time to assist. We wish you all the best,

The Chabura Staff