Terms and Conditions

1. All audio and written material is property of R’ Nivin’s Chaburas and cannot be downloaded, used or reproduced by any person or company without explicit written consent from R’ Aryeh Nivin, or an official member of R’ Nivin’s staff. Participants are absolutely forbidden from recording Chaburas in any scenario. All access codes, logins, handouts and notes sent to you are for your personal use only and may not be shared with anyone. Any unauthorized reproduction of audio or written material will be subject to legal action and is protected by Torah Law. It is forbidden according to Torah Law to copy or use recordings without permission in all cases, and (l’havdil) is forbidden according to international copyright law. Any questions as to the legality of reproduction should be directed to chaburapa@gmail.com.

2. This agreement is subject to Torah Law, and both parties agree that any dispute between R’ Nivin’s Chaburas and the participant will only be arbitrated by Harav Yehoshua Pfeffer (a Dayan in Ramot Aleph, Yerushalayim). In the event of arbitration, both parties agree that the cost of arbitration and all other financial and legal issues will be conducted according to the conditions of the “Shtar Borerim” (שטר בוררים) of R’ Pfeffer.

3. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you are agreeing that you fully understand all of the above and below conditions, and you accept them upon yourself. Furthermore, you are agreeing to accept upon yourself the halachic rulings of the authorities (“Poskim”) who maintain that all written and audio material is considered genuine intellectual property and that R’ Nivin is the owner of all the audio and written material coming from his Chaburas.

4.  The Chabura fee is nonrefundable, any installments that are due to be paid, are a commitment on the part of the participant once registered.

5. R’ Nivin’s staff will exert reasonable effort (through email communications to the email address on record for the participant and via announcement on the weekly Chabura calls) to make sure the participant is always informed of the Chabura times, changes to schedules, and other important information. Failure to contact the participant about any change in schedule or time is not a basis to demand a refund. Payments for Chabura Sessions are absolutely non-refundable without exception. Payments for recordings are absolutely non-refundable without exception. Access to the Online Info Center is a benefit that may or may not be part of future Chabura sessions. Should the Info Center not be available, or should the Chabura staff not provide the participant with a username and password in a timely manner, this will not be considered as a means for requesting a refund. Once a participant has dropped out of the Chaburas their username and password will no longer be valid.

6. The Chaburas are not responsible for participants who are unable to view the Online Info Center for whatever reason. Once a participant drops out of the Chaburas or does not fulfill their payment schedule, their login permissions for the Online Info Center will be removed. However, they will still be able to listen to previous sessions via the phone numbers as long as our phone provider (Free Conference Corporation) continues to service the lines. The Chaburas are not responsible if phone-based recording lines of sessions are no longer active. In the event that Free Conference Corporation ceases to support the recording lines of previous sessions, the Chaburas will not be able to provide a means for participants to listen to previous classes. The Chaburas are not responsible for any phone, Skype or long distance fee that the participant may incur as a result of calling into live classes or recordings.

Thank you for respecting our policies thus enabling us to continue our work!

Last Modified Date: 8/7/18