I still live by your models. My favorite by far is the Chutzpadik Masterminding. It has changed my life. I started with you in 2008 and worked for 2 years. After 2 years my head was exploding with info. I started www.marriagemindedmentor.com and since then 30 couples have gotten married and about 7 are currently engaged. And I’ve earned a part time income while having another 3 children. Pretty remarkable. And it all came from Chutzpadik Mastermining. How to be a mother, work from home, doing what I love and get paid well to do it! Plus my life long dream of writing a book came true too! Get Real Get Married was published last year and has helped many singles to make it to chuppah and change dating habits! Thank you Rabbi for all you have done, do and continue to do. Your efforts have reached beyond the virtual classroom. I went from changing diapers while listening in, to changing diapers while running my business and home. B”H you helped my dreams to come true. Much deep gratitude. I wish you much continued success. Aleeza Ben Shalom (I was a student in the Women’s 2008 Chabura, I didn’t speak up much, but I learned a lot!)