I’m here to share my experiences being part of Rabbi Nivin’s Chaburas. I had the privilege of being part of his Original Chabura for over 5 years. For me, personally it was a tremendous growth experience and it helped me in many areas of my Avodas Hashem, on many levels both theoretically and extremely practically as well. The main thing I have gotten out of his class is that he helps you live life consciously-that you are not just going through life with blinders on or in a daze and you wake up and you say, “Oh my gosh! Another year gone by and what has happened…”. If you implement the tools he espouses you are taking stock everyday of where you are in life, how to move forward, asking the question, “What does Hashem want from me right now, how can I grow and what’s my next step in Avodas Hashem?”