Life Is NOW

Discover YOUR Life-Purpose, Create Life-Balance and learn the tools to help others too.

With the NEW YEAR just around the corner, 

you start thinking:

"I really need to figure out my life-work-family-home balance"
"How can I be more healthy/organized/patient?"
"I should be more attentive to my kids/parents/spouses"

But with the busy summer, the hectic schedule, your regular responsibilities....
It's hard to find the time to really reflect on your year - and commit to making those changes.

 You know that if you DO give it some thought - the coming year will look very different than this one.

But where do you start!?

What if this year, you were ahead of the game?   

If you started the year with, a clear vision and a practical plan to finally make those changes - whether it's for your health, career, family or relationships.

And what if you could help others do the same?


The Life Purpose Coach Training Program​

Learn the tools and insights, from R' Nivin's 30 years of experience  in Jewish Personal

Development, so you can help yourself, and others:

  • Jump out of bed in the morning - motivated to live a life of purpose
  • Burst into the new year with a clear direction and practical plan
  • Confidently take each moment as it comes, even when there are balls flying from every direction

In this Program You'll  Learn:

How to Make an Elul Life Plan  (So you can finally make those changes) 

What are The 14 Areas of Life Balance? (And create more calm in your life) 

How to find your life purpose (Yeud)? (Experience the vitality of connecting to your purpose)

How to find your Tikkun: (That character traits that's always bothering you) 

How to Make Sense of Life Challenges: (And experience acceptance and joy no matter what life brings)

What's THIS year about?: (It's got a new and unique focus)

The Secret to Measuring Success? (So you can celebrate your accomplishments) 

My "Tafkid" In the Moment: (Leanr to live in the here and now) 

Daily schedule and distractions

As a participant of this program you'll get:

Live Interactive Classes

  • 16 one-hour live interactive classes by phone or webinar, where you can ask your questions, process the concepts, and participate in live workshops.

Recordings and Notes

  • Recordings and detailed notes of each class, will be available to listen or review the material at your convenience

Program Liaison and Learning Partner

  • A Personal Program Liaison to discuss and process the material,  so it really comes to life.

Practical Tools

  • Practical tools, insight and wisdom, from Rabbi Nivin's 30 years of experience in personal development and coaching. 

Guided Home Work

A few minuts of step-by-step strategies and guided exercises to create real tangible changes.

"Rabbi Nivin’s program is a system to take my goals and inspiration...and keep them alive throughout the year."

The Chabura is an amazing way to make sure that we are living according to our true potential. I was looking for a system to take my goals and inspiration from Elul and the Yomim Noraim and keep them alive throughout the entire year. The Chabura gave me those tools.

Rabbi Shlomo Abrams  Head Rabbi of Jewish Learning Center. Far North Dallas

Instead of going through life in  a daze...If you implement Rabbi Nivin’s tools, you take stock everyday of where you are in life, how to move forward, 

I had the privilege of being part of his Original Chabura for over 5 years. ...Instead of going through life in a daze...when you wake up and you say, “Oh my gosh! Another year gone by and what has happened…” If you implement Rabbi Nivin’s tools, you take stock everyday of where you are in life, how to move forward, asking the question, “What does Hashem want from me right now, how can I grow and what’s my next step in Avodas Hashem?”

Simi Yellen Worldwide Educator for Raise the Bar Parenting 

Who is R' Aryeh Nivin?

Rabbi Aryeh Nivin is the founder and director of R’ Aryeh Nivin’s Chaburas and the research institute Machon HaAdam Hashalem.

He takes Classic Torah Wisdom and translates it into practical and powerful tools to improve wellbeing and vitality for his students and clients.

Every week he reaches hundreds of individuals throughout the world, in both his private practice and hosting his 12-15 weekly teleconferences.

With his down-to earth manner, humor and deep insights, Rabbi Nivin has spent 30 years transforming thousands of lives, helping individuals to live a life they really love.

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